Learning JavaScript 103 (wad-js-03)

This is session 3 in Learning to Code, JavaScript 101 for Beginners to be held on October 24, 2016. Register here.

For Learning JavaScript 101 (wad-js-01), see here.
For Learning JavaScript 102 (wad-js-02), see here.

You should have basic knowledge of HTML, a text editor like ‘sublime text’ installed, and a web browser.

  • Recap 101, 102
  • Lets code…
  • Go to https://github.com/remkohdev/freebootcamp.io and checkout step 1.
    git checkout js103-step1
  • Homework for session 4:
    • write the HTML coded articles of step 3 all in JavaScript.
    • Using JavaScript, add a Search, Login and Signup form and form validation and handling to the aside-tag.

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