Hello World!

Hello World! Today I installed the php publishing framework WordPress, using a custom theme. I will adjust this custom theme in the near future and will and some some specific functions included. If you are interested you may look and use the mindxp theme, version 0.1, which is currently in a minimum state. On the WordPress page on my wiki I track information about the installation and development process.
I looked at a shortlist of php publishing frameworks among others PostNuke, TextPattern and WordPress, but I found WordPress in design, options and performance superior.
There is no technical reason why I restricted my choice to php frameworks, but the plan I have at my hosting company restricts my choice to a Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP (LAMPP) platform.
I will update the site with previous entries as soon as possible, and will improve the style of the theme, which I admit are rather slim at the moment.

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